Join us for Speak for Yourself presents “What Matters to You?: A Guide to Patient-Centered Research for People With Disabilities.” When: January 18, 2017 at 2:00 pm This webinar will explore how people with disabilities can advocate for their own health needs in a way that centers the focus on what is important to the individual….

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Health & Wellness / Recreation

Health—physical, mental and emotional—is important for everyone. People with disabilities can be impacted by poorer overall health due to various barriers, including health care and increased rates of chronic diseases. Secondary conditions (i.e. pain, fatigue, weakness and depression) are often associated as well. Many of these conditions can be prevented or alleviated with lifestyle modifications and preventive care.   People with disabilities are…

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What You Need to Know about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Disability

Safe, affordable, and reliable access to sexual and reproductive health services is an important thing for anyone engaging in sexual activity, and it is something everyone needs to talk about, and it is especially important to make sure disability is considered in the conversation. As we have mentioned before, the existence of disability does not…

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Because of My Disability, Not in Spite of It

Lorraine Cannistra dancing

Lorraine Cannistra, former Paralympian and current author, speaker and wheelchair ballroom dancer recently shared her personal experiences with disability. She recalls the first moment she truly understood what could be accomplished when focusing on what she can do…

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What Does it Take to Live a Life Without Limits?

Here’s the personal story of Ula, who has challenges due to cerebral palsy as well as the normal ups and downs common to many people with and without disabilities. Her secret to living a life without limits? Taking care of herself and pursuing the things that make her happy, rather than focusing on other’s expectations.

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