“What Matters To You?” Contest

For individuals living with disabilities, the health care environment can often be overwhelming. From physical access to attitudes, the experience often comes with a variety of barriers.   From now until April 10th, we want to hear your stories of what matters to you when it comes to your health care experience. Snap and photo…

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Join us for Speak for Yourself presents “What Matters to You?: A Guide to Patient-Centered Research for People With Disabilities.” When: January 18, 2017 at 2:00 pm This webinar will explore how people with disabilities can advocate for their own health needs in a way that centers the focus on what is important to the individual….

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What You Need to Know about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Disability

Safe, affordable, and reliable access to sexual and reproductive health services is an important thing for anyone engaging in sexual activity, and it is something everyone needs to talk about, and it is especially important to make sure disability is considered in the conversation. As we have mentioned before, the existence of disability does not…

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Speak for Yourself: Self Advocacy and Your Health

As a young adult with a disability, I hear the term, “self advocacy” a lot. My mother has always encouraged me to prioritize my own needs, and express them to other people. In the disability community, “nothing about us without us,” is a common slogan, used as a constant reminder that people with disabilities need…

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Golden State of Mind

This guest post was written by UCP’s Programs and Outreach Intern, Matt Golden “I had visions of making a classic, then [sic] my world turned black,” says the rapper, The Game. While lying on my hospital bed, his lyrics seemed almost strangely prophetic. After traveling halfway across the country to attend George Washington University in…

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Study on the Health Behaviors of Adults with Disabilities

Longitudinal Health and Intellectual and Developmental Disability Study

The University of Illinois at Chicago is recruiting participants for a study to help them better understand the health behaviors of adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD). The information gathered will help gain knowledge for serving the health needs of people with I/DD…

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