Join us for Speak for Yourself presents “What Matters to You?: A Guide to Patient-Centered Research for People With Disabilities.”

When: January 18, 2017 at 2:00 pm

This webinar will explore how people with disabilities can advocate for their own health needs in a way that centers the focus on what is important to the individual. Covering a variety of topics to help you navigate the sometimes tricky world of health care, topics covered will include: steps to being a self-advocate and advocating for your health needs, building a support network, and a look at the health and disability experience. This webinar will give participants the tools they need to put those steps into action to make their voices heard in a medical and/or research setting.*
*The webinar is free, and will be available online. Closed Captioning will be provided and a transcript will be made available. Please note this webinar is opened to people of all levels of ability, as well as families, allies and support networks.
Watch the webinar here.
View the transcript here.

View the presentations:
  • Dr. Katie McDonald, Ph.D, Associate Professor at Syracuse University – “Disability and Health/Patient-Research” here
  • Jerry Robinson, Ph.D Candidate at Syracuse University – “A Day in The Life” here
  • Karin Hitselberger, Public Education Associate, UCP National – “The Art of Speaking for Yourself” here 
  • Kaitlyn Meuser, Marketing Specialist, UCP National – “The Art of the Network” here 


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