Access to Soccer Stadiums in the United States

Soccer stadium

One of the fastest growing sports in America is football, or as we Yanks like to call it, soccer. With the final of the last World Cup drawing a record-breaking 26 million viewers in the United States (U.S.), it is clear that soccer is on the rise. Accordingly, attendances at Major League Soccer (MLS) matches have risen as well. Whether you are like us and stand in the Barra Brava supporters section (D.C. United’s most enthusiastic fans) at RFK Stadium or prefer sitting in a more neutral environment, going to a soccer game is exciting and enjoyable. However, for people with disabilities, sports stadiums and soccer venues can pose one huge problem: Accessibility…

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Playing Sports with Cerebral Palsy

Dan Hoffman Paralympic Soccer Player

Daniel Hoffman, member of the U.S. National Paralympic Soccer team has cerebral palsy and shares his experiences with training and playing sports. He discusses what it’s like to have a disability, offers advice for others with disabilities who are wanting to become involved with sports and more…

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